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When you support a project, it will make a big impact in empowering our Alma Mater. An investment for the future leaders and the school improvement. 

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Annual Dues Payer contribute to the school’s future by paying a specified amount of money. It is also an opportunity to identify yourself as a proud student.

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The beautiful IlaGrams attires makes you look classy and unique. You get a custom designed which will be a symbol of solidarity and love during a good time.

Call on the Golden Eagles, It is Time to Protect our Alma Mater

Welcome to the official website of Ilamoye Grammar School (Okota) Old Students Association

The mission of the Ilamoye Grammar School (Okota) Old Students Association (ILAGRAMS) is to foster a lifelong relationship between our Alma mater and its old students. ILAGRAMS is made up of old students who make a difference every day. You can find them in industry as entrepreneurs, technologists, medical doctors, social workers, nurses and in a multitude of other occupations. All ILAMOYITES living in any part of the world are invited to get involved and become a registered member of our Alumni Association.


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